The mental wellness of our community is among our top priorities. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team works hard to fulfill our promise to support each individual’s mental health by offering live and on-demand webinars for students as well as our partners’ staff.  Below is a selection of some of our most popular sessions. Would you like to request a new topic? Contact us and we'll be happy to collaborate.

When plans change: Managing disappointment and becoming resilient

Any life is a life of change. We experience transitions in work and relationships, changes in our physical and mental health, and new events in our school communities and even in our world. Sometimes we know a change is going to happen, while other times it comes suddenly and unexpectedly.Maybe it is a disappointment, or maybe it is a wonderful surprise.As we start to re-adjust from online instruction, isolation, and physical distancing to a "new normal", this webinar will explore a few healthy practices for increasing your level of resilience and coping with change and disappointment.

Call to "Triple" Duty: Working, parenting, and teaching from home

Amidst the unique disruption caused by COVID-19, parents and children have been forced to adjust to a new rhythm, a new routine, of school and work at home. This “new” normal has triggered a much broader variety of emotions in all of those impacted. Without proper planning, what once was a clear separation of home and work has the potential to set off a collision of the two different worlds; we now must answer the Call of “Triple” Duty. This seminar will discuss some of the challenges of managing the demands of parenting, working, and teaching in the home while providing effective tips to adjusting and establishing new routines.

Webinar for Staff and Faculty Mental Wellness during Pandemic

In light of growing concerns around the Coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing an increase in individuals feeling nervous. Being concerned and empathetic about this outbreak is normal. However, you and your students may experience feelings of discomfort, impacting concentration, productivity and even disrupting sleep patterns. This free one-hour workshop will provide simple tips, practices and ideas on how to respond to students that are nervous and explore ways that will support our well-being and ways to keep ourselves, or students, and our communities empowered, nourished and supported.

Tips on Healthy Coping Skills for Uncomfortable Times

The truth is, while COVID-19 has caused significant changes in our lives, we will all at some time in our lives have to deal with disappointment, setbacks, failure, and even loss and trauma. Everyone must face difficult situations, and they must come up with effective ways to deal with and bounce back from these situations. Coping skills help you tolerate, minimize, and deal with stressful situations in life. During this extraordinary time, we all need effective coping skills to help tolerate and overcome distress. This webinar will explore the various types of coping skills, and provide tips on developing positive coping mechanisms, to enhance your coping skills toolkit.

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