Worldwide insurance coverage for students and staff, individuals and groups

GuardMe International Insurance policies specifically meet the needs of the international education marketplace. Our policies are designed to provide comprehensive cover to students travelling anywhere in the world.

Who uses our policies?

We insure:

  • Travelling school faculty and staff.
  • International students travelling anywhere in the world.
  • Dependants and immediate family members of the insured.

We collaborate with study abroad agencies and education providers all around the world to support their students participating in:

  • Language Schools and Camps
  • Cultural Programmes, Academic Exchanges and Internships
  • Primary and Secondary Schools: Independent, Private and Boarding
  • Universities and Colleges

To provide additional support to the sector, we partner with accrediting bodies and education abroad industry associations across Europe. 

Core benefits:

GuardMe International Insurance policies feature core benefits and protections (as per the terms and conditions of each policy wording), such as:

  • Free online or telephone GP support 24/7 via Digital Doctor.
  • Emergency medical cover up to €/£10 million.
  • Covid cover and personal quarantine costs related to unforeseen trip extension.
  • Repatriation.
  • Third Party Liability.
  • Curtailment.
  • Travel benefits.

Optional benefits:

  • Cancellation cover.
  • No excess or co-payments.

Our trusted insurance products

Below is a snapshot of our four most popular policies for clients and students travelling worldwide. They have been custom-built based on market demand and our 25+ years in the international education industry.

Is there an insurance product you want for your students or clients? Ask us! Chances are, we can build it for you.

Multi-Risk with Cancellation Policy

  • Protects students when plans change suddenly.
  • Provides travel insurance that covers students anywhere in the world. 


Choose what’s best for you:

Variable Cover from 7,500 EUR/GBP up to 25,000 EUR/GBP.

  • Tip! For students going abroad for longer time frames, we recommend Variable Coverage of 25,000 EUR/GBP, which provides a more robust insurance policy for greater peace of mind. 

All-Inclusive Coverage including medical up to 10 million EUR/GBP.

  • Tip! This product is perfect for students travelling abroad from their country of residence who want comprehensive medical coverage including visits in private facilities and additional benefits not covered by their home insurance or their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).


Multi-Risk Policy

This policy is very similar to the one above but does not offer cancellation coverage. The policy benefits include:

  • Covers students travelling anywhere worldwide.
  • Offers medical and travel protection for things like delayed or missed departures, loss of baggage, theft, emergencies, accidents and personal liability. 

Travel Plus Cancellation Cover 

  • Specifically designed for long term study abroad programmes.
  • Includes added benefits that provide coverage up to 25,000 EUR/GBP.
  • Covers students or staff for cancellations prior to departure, as well as travel interruptions.
  • Offers protection for loss of baggage, theft, emergencies, accidents, and third party liability. 

This policy is perfect when medical insurance is not needed. For example, students can use the GuardMe Travel Plus Cancellation Cover policy for their main travel protection, and for medical coverage, they can rely on one of the following if they are travelling within the EU or UK:

  • European students travelling within the EU can use their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for most medical needs (if students prefer private facilities or faster service, then they should purchase a GuardMe policy).
  • Students in the UK will pay a Health Surcharge to use the public NHS (National Health Services) for medical needs.

Remember, if a student is travelling beyond the EU or UK, then they are advised to purchase the Multi-Risk with Cancellation Policy with All-Inclusive Coverage including Medical.

Domestic Italian Travel Plus Cancellation

  • Offers complete coverage for cultural visits and class trips within Italy. 
  • Designed exclusively for Italian students as well as staff and chaperones accompanying students on trips.
  • GuardMe’s insurance acts like a cancellation policy, offering end-to-end coverage for all the pieces of the trip. Under one convenient policy, you have coverage for buses, trains, flights, taxis, hotels, entry fees at attractions and more.

To guarantee complete protection during students' study trips, we offer benefits such as:

  • Coverage for interruptions, delayed or missed departures.
  • Last minute cancellations.
  • Lost or stolen baggage.
  • Personal accident and public transportation accident..
  • Civil and third party liability, for example, if a student accidentally injures someone or damages someone else’s property.

Why work with us?

25 Years of Experience

Award-winning service provider with 25 years' experience as a specialist international education intermediary

Multi-Risk with Cancellation

Our policies protect students when plans change suddenly, and include cover for COVID-19

24/7 emergency support

Students can instantly connect directly to a doctor on their phone, tablet or computer

Worldwide Coverage

Travel insurance that covers your students anywhere in the world

Ease of access

Access policy information directly from our portal and chat with our multilingual staff

100% Flexibility

No minimum quotas, policy purchases or fixed-term contracts

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